A cup of coffee will win over Ranil: MR

sri lanka. 2Addressing his maiden propaganda rally in Anuradhapura, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said today that he needed only a cup of coffee to lure Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe to the UPFA.

He said, “It is not a big problem when one leaves the party to welcome another, Tissa Attanayake joined our party soon after having a cup of coffee with me. If they take someone from us we will retaliate by taking someone from them. We took the secretary and we can also take Ranil. Only one cup of coffee would be necessary for that. They attempted to give dollars and take our members. We won’t spend money in that manner”
He said Tissa Attanayake was not taken by giving money. He said he had only had a cup of coffee with him.

“They were trying to create a big Ha Ho by saying that this one and that one is going. But be assured that no one will go. This election will determine the future. People asked me in 2005 to finish the war, and I was able to finish the 30 year war in less than four years. Thereafter I pledged to develop the country,” he said.

“It is my wish to provide every home in Anuradhapura with safe drinking water. Not only that: the entire region will be free of kidney disease. We are providing financial assistance to the disabled. We have closely observed the feelings of the masses. For the first time this year’s budget was prepared outside air conditioned rooms, observing the hearts of the people”

He also said that certain ladies were spreading hate and slinging mud at him. He said his hands were not stained with blood. He also said the masses should not allow the country to be destabilised and turned into another Syria, Libya, Egypt or Iran.

Tissa Attanayake speaking at the rally said that by that time Sirikotha had turned into a funeral house, and its employees were providing daily information to him. (Chamara Sampath)

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80% cutouts removed in Colombo: Police

Police said today that 80 per cent of cutouts and posters had been removed by the police in Colombo so far and Rs. 50 million had been allocated by the Elections Commissioner for the removal of posters and cutouts during the entire campaign period. 

Opposition accused the police of NOT removing Presidents cutouts due to fear of loosing their jobs.

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