I am Not a Puppet On a Chain to Dance to the Tunes of the West I will dance only to Tunes of China!

mahinda rajapaksa and chinaThe Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, yesterday, while addressing at his election public meeting at Matara, Thalala Area has said, “Only the Puppet Politicians of our nation has to dance to the tunes of the Western Countries. But I am not a Puppet on a Chain like other politicians who are dancing to the tunes of the West”.

Adding further to the above statement, Mahinda Rajapaksa also said, “I am not a puppet on a Chain to dance to suit to the tunes of the Western nations. We all of us have to be gathered together to defeat the Puppet Politicians presently, who are dancing to suit to the tunes of the Western Countries. We should retain the Victory that has been brought by the war (in which more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians were killed in May 2009 alone). We have to maintain the stability in the country by maintaining our hard earned victory through the Battle.

an opposition supporter said that Srilankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is a Puppet Politician who dances to the tunes of China. He also said that when it comes to election Mahinda will start talking about LTTE and  then promise equal rights and talks about implementing his famous 13+ amendment but after election he will not even consider talking about it.

His party leaders promised to buy the TNA Tamil Councillors from North like they did with the Muslim councillors of SLMC (who promised on Quran that they will be faithful to SLMC) in the East after the beeting up of Muslim community. The Colombo government has failed ALL ITS TACTICS AND BRIBING to date in buying the TNA Councillors or MP’S.

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