People Should Force Leaders To Deliver Promises

Mahinda RajapaksaJVP Politburo member and Western Provincial Council Member K.D. Lalkantha said that whether the politicians deliver their promises (they make to people) or not the people have to take it from them.

Speaking at a public rally yesterday he said that Maithripala Sirisena has given a number of promises similar to Mahinda such as the abolition of executive presidency and re-enactment of the 17th amendment. “We have seen those promises earlier,” Lalkantha added, saying that the people have seen enough promises being broken as well.

President Mahinda has given such promises long before he was the president and Minister Wimal Weerawansa was against the Executive Presidency system but all their promises were broken once they get hold of power.

Mahinda had promised implement 13+ amendment to the constitution in 2009, if he is elected as the president but after five years in executive power he did not even implement the 13th amendment of the current constitution of the country. The Tamil and Muslim community does not support him as he is well known to give promises and NOT deliver it, he is a liar and he is accused of blackmailing his Ministers and MP’s with the ‘Files’ he hold.

The people should agitate continuously to force the governments to deliver the promises they make, Lalkantha added.He also spoke on the salaries of private and public sectors and said that there should be a law to increase the salary according to the Cost of Living Index. If the CLI goes up by one unit, it means that the cost of living has increased by Rs 280, he added. “There should be a law so that that Rs 280 is increased in the salary” Lalkantha mentioned.

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