Lankan schoolboy dies in UK

sugenth_london_001A father today paid tribute to his “amazing” son who died from an injury in a freak incident when he was hit in the stomach by a football cleared by a goalkeeper during a PE lesson at his north London school

Sugenth Jeyakumar, 14, was admitted to hospital and died in front of his dad Arumugam a day later.

The teenager received the blow during a game at Whitmore school in Harrow last Tuesday and complained of feeling pain after having played on for a few minutes.

He was taken to nearby Northwick Park hospital but after a scan was transferred to the intensive care unit at St Mary’s in Paddington on Tuesday evening and died unexpectedly the following day.

He had been conscious and even joking with his dad up until the time of his death.

Mr. Jeyakumar, 52, said: “He was the most amazing son, so kind and caring. He loved football and was a good player he was very strong in every way. I could tell when he was injured he was trying not to worry me.”

He said his son was a big Liverpool fan and wanted to be a professional but if he did not make it was thinking of being an engineer.

He had also just won a place as a Barclays intern of which the family were immensely proud.

The family, originally from Sri Lanka had moved from France seven years where Mr. Jeyakumar had worked as a laser specialist, for better educational opportunities for his children offered in Britain.

Mr .Jeyakumar was at son’s bedside throughout his time in hospital he had been talking and even laughing throughout saying only that he had a little pain.

He said: “At about 2pm on Wednesday he looked at me and said ‘I feel a little pain but I think I can go home’.

“Then about half an hour later his eyes rolled and I knew there was something seriously wrong and we were losing him. I tried to do CPR and called for help.”

The family is still awaiting the results of a post mortem but said he was fit and healthy and had no known medical condition.

Meanwhile friends and classmates have set up a Facebook page to honor his memory.

His brother Rijenth, 21, said: “He was just the greatest guy and the number of tributes shows that. He would help people who were struggling with their maths homework and tutor them for nothing.

“He loved football and wanted to be a professional he was also into computer games and had so many friends he was truly loved by everyone he met.”

Sugenth’s head teacher Sue Hammond said: “This young man represented the best in all if us: caring, helpful, bright, bright and hardworking, liked by everyone and with a great future ahead of him. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this very sad time.”

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