Presidential candidates not offered anything constructive to Tamils or Muslims

Muslims lose interest in polls

13Muslims lose interest in polls By M. Sasikumar

The Muslims in the North have lost interest in casting their vote at the forthcoming presidential election, according to Muslim Federation Vice President K. M. Nilam.
He made this comment, when asked about the current situation of the Muslim vote at the upcoming poll.
“Ever since the presidential election was announced, Muslim parties have regularly met, but decisions have not been announced as yet,” he added.

“In the meantime, the Muslim community has shown disinterest in voting at the upcoming election. After the three-decade cold-blooded war, the resettled people’s fundamental requirements have still not been met.
Proper lands have not been allocated for their livelihood. Even in the Indian housing plan, discrimination is to be seen. Even after resettling, people are experiencing inconveniences.

Recently, their shelters had been inundated due to the torrential showers. No aid had been provided to these people in need. It’s the people’s vote that matters most to these politicians. A proper lesson would be taught for those who come seeking votes of the Muslim community,” he added.

Presidential candidates not offered anything constructive to Tamils By Mirudhula Thambiah

People’s Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE) leader, Tharmalingam Siddharthan, said that the two Presidential candidates have not offered anything constructive towards fulfilling the political aspirations of the Tamil speaking people.
The TNA (TNA) will support a Presidential Candidate who will solve the Tamil issue Siddharthan said.
PLOTE , one of the constituent parties in the TNA is waiting for leader R.Sampanthan to return from his visit to India to make the final decision regarding the Presidential Election.
Siddharthan in a press statement said: “Both main presidential candidates did not mention any important and favourable stand regarding the issues of Tamils but negative comments have been continuously made. These types of comments are made by both candidates to secure Sinhala votes,”.
When the Sinhala community people are influenced by the comments of both candidates they will cast the votes, in such a scenario there will not be a supportive situation to solve the problems of Tamils.
“The situation will worsen and the Sinhala community will not accept a suitable solution since they have been continuously influenced by negative comments. Similar situations were experienced by the people in the past. Therefore the TNA should consider all aspects to take a vigilant and suitable decision,” he said.
Therefore the TNA can only support a candidate who will bring in a fair solution to the Tamil issues, he added.
Siddharthan further said, a candidate who will include assurance in regard to stopping illegal colonization, completing the entire resettlement process to his election manifesto may be the candidate whom the TNA will unanimously support.

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