”Arab Muslims are uneducated, wear turbans and shout slogans on the streets’ says Sri Lankan Muslim

headscarf-ban-turkey_72466_990x742SLMC Won’t talk to BBS “We’re always on losing side”

By Kavindya Chris Thomas and Cassendra Doole

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) will not hold talks with the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) as they do not consider the BBS as a political party, besides, the challenges posed by the BBS being trivial National Organizer to the SLMC Shafik Rajabdeen said.
BBS said Tuesday (16) they will take legal action against SLMC if their Deputy General Secretary, Nizam Kariapper does not withdraw his statement that there will be a repetition of Buddhist-Muslim riots, if the common candidate wins the election.
However, Rajabdeen said that SLMC will not pay attention to what the BBS says, as BBS is not a political party.
“If anyone is going to challenge us or bring up any issues, it should be the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) which is a legitimate Party in Parliament,” he said.

Rajabdeen said, “The greater Sinhala brotherhood is with us because we are Sri Lankan Muslims. Not Arab Muslims. We do not wear turbans and shout slogans on the streets. We are diplomatic, educated and moderate Muslims.
He told Ceylon Today that a decision regarding the presidential elections will only be taken after serious consideration. The SLMC will look into the manifestos of both candidates and be vigilant because, Rajabdeen said, “We have blindly supported various candidates and the SLMC is always on the losing side. Therefore we will not make a hasty decision this time.”
SLMC added that they are looking at the situation from a grassroots level, visiting the Eastern Province, Ampara District and other Muslim majority areas.

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