Defence Ministry Constantly Intimidates Our Local Level Politicians: Champika

champika_Ranawaka_0Members of the common Opposition movement gathered before the Elections Department this afternoon and urged the Elections Commissioner and the IGP to vacate their positions if they are not ready uphold election laws.

The protesting politicians and their supporters staged a sathyagraha and a protest campaign before the Elections Department this afternoon as they expressed their objection to the lack of action against election law violations that are being committed by President Rajapaksa‘s campaigners.

JHU General Secretary Patali Champika Ranawaka speaking at the sathyagraha said, “Our local level politicians are not able to actively engage in campaigning for the upcoming Presidential elections because the Defence Ministry is constantly interfering through the area police to intimidate them. . .”

He said if immediate action is not taken to ensure all contestants adhere by election laws, it would only lead to a mass uprising that would end in a bloodshed.

“We call upon the EC to intervene and prevent this blood shed because this country has seen enough of it.”

Meanwhile, UNP MP Dr. Harsha De Silva who also addressed the media at the gathering said that their message to the authorities appointed to uphold election law is simple and clear.

“This is our request to the EC and the IGP. Go home if you are not ready to perform your duties and ensure that the laws are upheld,” he added.

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