Family First; Country Second – Rajapaksa Family Tree

Infographic-TreeEnglishMahinda Rajapaksa has betrayed the people. He has put family before country. Instead of creating a merit based society with equal opportunities for all, he has handed-over the people’s taxes and wealth to his own family and cronies.

By appointing family members to all major decision-making posts Mahinda Rajapaksa has caused the country’s decline towards dictatorship, ever rising corruption and mismanagement. The Rajapaksa family alone controls over 56 percent of the entire country’s annual budget and all the key ministries are in their corrupt hands.

Sri Lanka needs a system where no one family or person can centralize power in such a fashion. We need a system where power is distributed between the legislature, judiciary and executive. But that is not enough – each of these branches of government must be able to catch over each other and prevent one of them from becoming over-mighty – we need a system of checks and balances based on the rule of law.

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