Iraq, Libya and Egypt and now Sri Lanka!

walkPresident Mahinda Rajapaksa today said that he cannot allow Sri Lanka to face the same fate suffered by the countries like Iraq, Libya or Egypt. “Look at the situation in Iraq, Libya and Egypt, we cannot allow this to happen in this country,” he said addressing an election rally in Mullaithivu with full military support. 

Reminding the war in the country, in which more than 170,000 Tamils were killed by his forces  which ended in May 2009 with more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians killed by the Sri Lankan forces, the President said that he would not allow the country to go back to the dark era again. 

“We cannot let the terrorism to raise its head again. The conflict era was 30 years, but we had only five years to develop the country. If we divide ourselves into religions and races, as a country we cannot go forward,” he said. Who is supported by extremist Buddhist parties BBS who wants to change Sri Lanka in to a Sinhala Buddhist country. 

“I want you to join hands with me to develop your area and to give a brighter future for your children,” he said. He or his friend Douglas Devananda did not open their mouth about the promise made by Mahinda in 2009 to implement a 13+ amendment as a political package for minorities. He now refuses to even implement the current 13th amendment of the countries constitution because he can win votes in the south only if he shows that he is against the minorities.

He is well known for not keeping to his promises and who is so power hungry he changed the constitution so he can contest for the third term as the president.


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