‘Mahinda is a liar’ – Open challenge by TNA

TNA Challenges MR To Release Proof Of Their Deal With Common Opposition

TNA MP MA Sumanthiran has challenged President Rajapaksa to publicize the proof he claims to possess of the deal that the TNA has allegedly struck with the common Opposition movement.


MP Sumanthiran while vehemently refuting the claim made by President Rajapaksa at his campaign rally in Chilaw regarding a ‘secret’ deal the TNA has made with the Opposition said that if the President possesses proof of this alleged deal that they never made, he should publicize its details without any hesitation.

Commenting on the allegations made by the President against the TNA, the MP said that they are claims he is making to mask his agitation concerning his growing unpopularity.

“These are statements that are being made to misguide Sinhalese voters and manipulate their votes,” he said.

He also said despite the Rajapaksa regime accusing the TNA of endorsing a separatist agenda, they made people-friendly decisions when crucial moments called for such action.

“Ministers who defected from the government now claim they regret voting for the 18th amendment. But the TNA holds no regrets because we voted against it – we put the country before our community at that point and took the right course of action,” he added.

Speaking further MP Sumanthiran reiterated that they have not entered into a deal with the common Opposition and added that they would also never support corruption, fraud and family bandism of the Rajapaksa regime.

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