Wiggy ‘n’ Dougie in verbal sparring bout!

wikneswaranWiggy ‘n’ Dougie in verbal sparring bout!


Northern Chief Minister, C. V. Wigneswaran and Minister Douglas Devananda accused each other of being responsible for Tuesday’s clash between the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) at the District Development Committee meeting, held at the Jaffna Government Secretariat.
Wigneswaran, who co-chaired the DDC meeting together with Devananda said, the latter should take the responsibility for the clash.
Convening a press briefing at the Chief Minister’s office, on Tuesday evening, Wigneswaran said Devananda and the outsiders who were present at the meeting, were solely responsible for what took place at the DDC meeting.
“At the commencement of the DDC meeting the Government Agent Jaffna requested the participants not to discuss the political issues as it was a directive from the Commissioner of Elections and to deal with the matters pertaining to the development activities. Following the request made by the Government Agent Jaffna, I shortened my speech without saying anything on politics. However, Minister Devananda made a prepared speech and touched on the political issues in the Northern Provincial Council. The Minister’s speech had only provoked the situation leading to a clash between the two sides. The outsiders who were present at the meeting were also responsible for the aggressive situation at Tuesday’s meeting,” Wigneswaran said.
He added that during his speech Devananda also behaved in a dictatorial manner when responding to the TNA Parliamentarians and the NPC members.
Meanwhile, at a press briefing convened by the EPDP-Leader Devananda said that the right from the beginning the Tamil National Alliance was behaving in an irresponsible manner and they were out of control. They didn’t even listen to Chief Minister Wigneswaran when he pleaded them to keep quiet. “The Chief Minister has accused me of bringing strangers to the DDC meeting and that they were responsible for the incident. We didn’t bring any outsiders or the strangers to the meeting. Those who had received invitations only participated at the meeting. We have evidence to prove that the TNA members attacked our members. Several of our members have been injured and hospitalized at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. We have also lodged a complaint with the Jaffna Police over the attack on our members,” Devananda said.

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