Mass Murder Committed By Karuna

Mass Murder Committed By Karuna

The Sunday Leader of  9th January 2014 published an article on the first page under the caption IPKF Head Slams Karuna. The former IPKF Intelligence Corp.

head Col. R.Hariharan  had made serious allegations against Deputy Minister Karuna, alias Col karuna.

The Col alleges that Karen and his Deputy Pillian, former Chief Minister of the Eastern Provincial Council were responsible for the Murder of about 300 Muslims, 600 people including hundreds of Policemen.

With regard to the killing of policemen I may elaborate more on this matter.

The Kalmunai Police Station had about 75 to,100 Policemen under the command of A SP Botheju.

10712778_786154824755106_1173008059111471025_nKaruna  and his men surrounded the Kalmunai police station and attacked the station with small arms and the policemen returned fire and held the attackers at bay.

When the policemen found that their  stock of ammunitions were almost over, they called  for help. Before any message was received about replenishing the stock of ammunitions a message was received at the Kalmunai  police station to cease fire and the message was from the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

It is  presumed  that the LTTE had indicated that they would cease attacking the station on the orders of Prabhakaran.

Thereafter what Col.

Karuna and his man did was to arrest all the policemen  of Kalmunai police Stations took charge of their weapons etc. and took them to a remote place shot all the policemen including ASP Botheju and the women cadre of the LTTE removed  the leather belts and shoes and set fire to the bodies of about 75 policemen.

They took photographs of the scene made Video Cassette Tapes and sold them even  as far as Dumbulla for Ra 150/-a cassette.

At the time of this massacre the SP at Ampara was  Noordeen now in retirement.

It is this -man Karuna  who is now a Deputy Minister of the UPFA government. No case has been contemplated against Karuna so far for the mass murder he has committed.

The public should be made of this mass murder.


Retired Police Officer. Badulla.

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