Govt Loses 8 MPs 13 PC 163 LG Members & Majority Power In Eastern PC

0642d6eea96084de83e0904cabc835aa_LWith the SLMC’s decision to pledge support to the Common Opposition, the ruling party has lost the support of 8 MPs, 13 Provincial Council members and 163 Local Government members.

Therefore, a total of 184 people’s representatives of the party have joined the Common opposition along with the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress.

With this move, the UPFA has also lost the majority in the Eastern Provincial Council. The government held the majority in the Eastern PC only with one seat.

When the SLMC announced its decision on Sunday morning, celebrations kicked off in some parts of the Eastern province.

However, it is widely believed that the SLMC’s decision to pledge support to the Common Candidate of the opposition will create a rift in the party.  But, no member of the party has so  far made any public announcement expressing their displeasure over the decision.

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