A Congregation by National Youth front Uk towards democracy in Sri Lanka

uk_unpUNP national youth front UK branch is organising a multi religious awareness meeting in London on the forthcoming presidential election in Sri-Lanka.
The meeting will be held in Rayners Lane, London on Sunday , 4th of January 2015 @ 446 Rayners Lane HA55DX, from 5 pm to 8 pm.
Its is imperative all Sri-Lankans living in the UK voice their concerns regarding the current situation in Sri-Lanka and to establish a democratic society free from violence and intimidation, hence the reason why a decision has been made by the UK UNP youth front to organise this event.
The main objective of this awareness meeting is to assemble all democracy loving Sri-Lankans in the UK to exert pressure on the current government of Sri-Lanka to hold a free and fair election on the 8th January,2015.
President of the national youth front UK Mr Madhawa Senanayake said there has been an erosion of democracy, transparency and good governance by the government and no one can expect a free and fair election when its most needed in the country. The secretary of the branch Mr Isuru Ranaweera said this will be a public event for democracy orientated Sri Lankans residing in UK should not miss.
We firmly believe despite our inability to cast our vote to elect whoever we want as the next leader in the country, we should not remain silent. It is our duty and responsibility to voice our concerns and exert pressure within our power to force the government of Sri-Lanka to establish democracy and conduct a free and fair poll.
It is obvious there is a breakdown of law and order in our country with a massive wastage and abuse of state assets. We believe this is not just state sponsored corruption, but a crime against the country and our citizens. Misuse of state funds and resources have been the highlight of the current governments election campaign and will exponentially increase unless we exert maximum pressure on the government to make this election free and fair in order elect a democratic leader.
We as the national youth front in UK which is comprised of young professionals living in the UK do know this is our last chance which is why we invite all Sri-Lankans living in the UK to join us on the 4th of January because we have the right to stop this abuse.
We condemn importing of Bollywood actors such as Salman Khan spending millions of our tax payers money to promote the election campaign of the current president while our young artists are being harassed and beaten up by government thugs.
Enough is enough and the facts are right in front of you in black and white. Time to make a change on 8th of January and its our duty as Sri-Lankans residing in the UK to do what we can. Please join us.

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