Tamil Nadu extends ban on LTTE

india-extends-ban-on-ltte-for-another-5-years-1605201416244828The Tamil Nadu Government has extended the ban on the LTTE following the opinion of a Tribunal which found that the LTTE is still active overseas.

According to the Tamil Nadu media, the Tribunal had found that the LTTE demand for a separate Tamil State in Sri Lanka remains and the LTTE is looking to gather support for this goal in Tamil Nadu.

The ban on the LTTE first took effect in 1991 following the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and has been extended since then.

The Indian government had last month noted that the LTTE has links to other anti-national organisations, like the UK chapter of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, Kesari Lehat Movement, Sikh Activist Network, etc.

While seeking to extend the ban on the LTTE, the Indian central government and the Tamil Nadu government told a tribunal that the banned outfit nurtures an idea of “greater Tamil Nadu, which includes the state of Tamil Nadu, part of Kerala, part of Karnataka, part of Andhra Pradesh and northeastern provinces of Sri Lanka”.

The tribunal was also told that an offshoot of the banned terrorist outfit carried out a blast outside the home of former UPA minister P Chidambaram and tried to target the home of V Narayanasamy in Tamil Nadu.

The Delhi High Court tribunal was set up earlier last year to review whether the ban on LTTE should be renewed for another five years. On November 20, the tribunal, headed by Justice G P Mittal, upheld the Home Ministry’s notification to declare the LTTE as an “unlawful organisation” for the next five years. (Colombo Gazette)

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