Racist Bishop’s support to President Mahinda.

DevilThe Anglican Bishop of Kurunegala, the Reverend Shantha Francis, a strong supporter of Mahinda Rajapaksha government  has offered to resign saying that  he has been threatened by the Tamil diaspora.  Bishop said that he had been threatened because he openly speaks against the LTTE supporters living overseas and supported the President Rajapaksha and the killing of the minority Tamils and Muslims.

The Bishop says he is unable to continue with his work as a Bishop and so has informed the Church of Ceylon that he is keen to step down, this is seen as a political support to President Rajapaksha before election. His drama of accusing the Tamil Diospara who are calling for equal rights to the minority before the election is to get the Sinhala christians to support Mahinda Rajapaksha.

Asked why he came out with his concerns at this moment when there is an election in Sri Lanka, he said ”now was the best time to express his concerns”. He had been an harden supporter of Rajapaksha and is suspected of doing what he is asked to do by the Rajapaksha government.

He said that he is not ready to betray his country to the LTTE Diaspora and he also accused the Anglican Church of putting pressure on him to dance to the tune of the Diaspora.

Reverend Greg Shantha Kumar Francis was appointed in 2010 as the fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Kurunegala, of the Anglican Church in Sri Lanka. The appointment followed the retirement of the previous Bishop of Kurunegala, the Rt. Rev. Kumara Illangsinghe. In addition to Kurunegala, Bishop Francis looks after the districts of Kandy, Matale, Kegalle, Anuradhapura, Nuwara Eliya and Polonnarurwa.


He had NOT opened his mouth against the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan Army of President Mahinda Rajapaksha or the raping of Tamil girls by the Army IN mAY 2009.

He had been silent when assault on the Assembly of God and Calvary churches in Hikkaduwa by BBS a supporter of the President Rajapaksha.  In the presence of several police officers, thugs attacked roofs and windows with stones, while destroying computers, furniture and noticeboards and burning Christian literature, including the Bible. Worshippers were forced to hide in neighbouring houses, fearing for their lives. Thugs threatened to kill Assembly of God priest Chinthaka Prasanna. Sinhala-Buddhist extremist groups like Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and Ravana Balakaya have violently attacked about 200 Christian and Muslim religious places in recent years. Muslim-owned businesses have also become their targets.


Persecution of Christians is rising in Sri Lanka, where at least three attacks took place this month as the government promoted Buddhist nationalism to maintain its hold on power.

The Buddhist-majority South Asian country has seen a surge of violence against religious minorities, including Christians and Muslims, while the government has merely looked on, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) Navi Pillay said Wednesday (Sept. 25), presenting a report based on her recent fact-finding visit to Sri Lanka, according to Reuters.

Ceylonese bishop defends govt against UN criticism: The Church of England Newspaper, September 13, 2013 



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