Severed heads of dogs sent to two human rights activists by Mahinda supporters

images (2)Two severed heads of dogs have been sent to Brito Fernando and Prasanga Fernando, who are human rights activists, last night. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Brito Fernando said the severed dog head was hanging in his gate last night.

“Last night, I along with my daughter and my wife went out for dinner around 7.00 pm and got back home at 10.30 pm. By the time we got back I saw three shopping bags hanging in the gate. At first I thought that it is a bag of garbage but when I inspected, I saw something similar to ears of a dog. Since both my wife and daughter were scared I let it be. In the morning when I looked, I found out it was a severed neck of a dog. It looked fresh as the blood was there,” he said.

Fernando said he lodged a complaint with the Negombo Police Station.   “Later, the same day I got to know that Prasanga Fernando who works with me too faced a similar incident,” he said.

He said these acts clearly indicates a warning.

And he said he believes people who are supporters of the government behind the incident.

“During last October when we were preparing for the commemoration of the disappeared, defamatory posters were put up in Negombo, which carried my face and of other colleagues Victor Ivon and  Jayathillake Bandara. Also on October 26 last year, my house was stoned,” he said.

(Chathushika Wijeyesinghe)-

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