Letter To All Those Expatriates Who Support MAHINDA

By Percy Gajanayake

Dear friends

(I have not called you Sri Lankans on purpose)

I can understand why you are devout disciples of MR! The main reason being the routing of the LTTE! I applaud you on that, although I feel he was only a passive passenger in the process, that was animated by the poor low rung soldiers, middle rung, area commanders, commanders in chief of the forces especiallySarath Fonseka, and of course Gota who gave authority and probably was part of the strategy. (it was however not necessarily Gota’s War as interpreted by the stooge Chandraprema! Anyhow MR claims it was his war, how can Gota also claim so!!)

Mahinda airportIt is really interesting to look at the other point of view of some of you! i.e. the agenda of the West. I know the West is bad, and is the reason why I did not stay behind in London! There are two sides to everything. You are not a Sri Lankan any more! You are an Australian/British/American or whatever, often a country linked to the UK, US or other European countries. BUT Most likely not Russian/Chinese/ or Indian! There are ample reasons for your decision. A stable job, a good income, good standards of living, law and order, reasonable education for the children etc….. and for those reasons you had to DENOUNCE your citizenship of the country that brought you to this world and gave free Education! ! I do not question your stand, you have every right to do so! However, we as Sri Lankan’s living in this blessed country have every right to decide what is good for us as a democracy. You (ex Sri Lankans) or Mahinda alone cannot decide for us!

The fear of the diaspora, bombs was a thing of the past…. today fear of white vans, abductions, extra judicial killings, phone tapping and email hacking are realities and has brought fear into our minds. To speak out against atrocities against our people whatever their race. Would you dare to speak out against aborigines, gypsies or other minority in your country of domicile. Have they got rights? Minorities should be protected if we are to prevent them from retaliating!

In your propaganda circulated, you often show the problem/issues in the Middle East. Who caused it? Yes the West did that for oil. But now the horror of the ISIS or the Talibans is due to attack on Muslims initially. They will retaliate!!! What happened to Tamils? They reacted to the killings by JR and the 83 attacks! Do you want it to explode? What would happen if BBS and Ravana Balaya goes on as they did previously? What if suppression of Tamils continues?

Champika-300x225All they want is a reasonable solution and a right to self determination, but extreme demands need not be entertained Do you think with Ven. Rathana, Champika, and Fonseka in the front separation will be allowed or be an option?

Think sensibly, you have a right to opinion, we also have opinions! That cannot be stopped by thuggery, military intervention, impunity or vote rigging!!!

You as a foreigner would love to come to a bomb free country once in 2 or 3 years for 2 weeks! Thanks to SF and his men (not MR), ride on highways (why deny the robbery in construction? only the next 3 generations will have to pay, not YOUR children but OUR children), go to luxury hotels which are land grabbed and owned by the Rajapaksas with front men like Dammika, Nimal, Dilith or Ajith D etc.

I suppose that is the Subha Anagathayak you are longing for in the Ascharyamath MY motherland (NOT YOURS)


*Percy Gajanayake – A Sinhala Buddhist born in Ceylon, living in Sri Lanka

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