I Cannot Accept the Defeat Caused by the Tamils: Mahinda Rajapaksa

11_rakapaksa_r_w_LRGAt the Presidential Election because of the Voting Strength of the Tamils in Srilanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa got defeated and lost his power.

But Mahinda says that he is refused to accept this defeat, because it has been caused only by the Tamils.

Before the elections results are fully announced, abruptly in the middle of the night, Mahinda left the Presidential Palace Temple Trees in a hurried manner.

From Colombo city he went to Hambantota in Medamulana, where he got his own house. At this place lots of his supporters were gathered together to support him. In their midst, Mahinda gave an emotional speech as follows:

“The Prime reason for the defeat in the Presidential Election is caused by the Vote banks of the Tamils from North, East and from the Upcountry, therefore, I cannot accept this defeat, which has been caused by the Tamils by voting against me. Therefore, I am not at all accepting this as a defeat. Even now the Power has not gone out of Sinhalese from the government. Because of my defeat, the Tamil community is not going to get any benefit at all”.

In the meantime, according to sources, Chandrika Kumaratunga is trying to remove Mahinda Rajapaksa out of the party leader post from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

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