Mahinda falls for trap he had set for Chandrika!

mr_chFate metes out punishment in various forms. Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa is now experiencing the uneven cycle of punishment.

In order to exert political revenge on former president Chandrika Kumaratunga, his main political enemy, Rajapaksa curtailed, from the last budget, to R. 60 million the Rs. 270 million annual allocation for her as an ex-president. At the same time, he allocated Rs. 25 million a day for himself. 

A mere two months went by. Rajapaksa lost his position. One who had been spending Rs. 25 million a day, is now getting only Rs. 60 million a year. He set the trap for Kumaratunga. But, he himself fell into it. That is how fate metes out punishment. This is only the beginning. Rajapaksa will soon fully comprehend the meaning of a verse in ‘Subhashithaya’, which says “when committing sin, it is as sweet as honey, but when the suffering comes, that is as painful as the fire.”

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