”New president will establish good governance in this country” Northern PM Wigneswaran

Statement of the Hon. Chief Minister of the Northern Province, C.V.Wigneswaran on the results of the Presidential

My beloved Tamil Speaking brothers and sisters have made the appropriate decision at the Presidential Elections. Today we have voted decisively and elected a new President. Hon. Maithripala Sirisena has been selected by the majority and minority communities jointly as the leader of this country. I have complete confidence that democracy will be established under him. Moreover, I believe that the foundation for a just solution to the problems of the Tamil Speaking Peoples, which have remained unresolved for more than sixty years, will be laid under his regime. I wish to state that we remain committed to providing him with our co-operation and assistance in this regard.

DM_20130717_A009We believe that as a son of the soil he will not neglect or ignore the needs and welfare of minorities. Several heavy responsibilities have been assumed by him. The obligations are manifold and include the obligation to provide relief to the inhabitants of the Northern, Eastern and the Upcountry regions who have suffered due to natural calamities in the recent past; the obligation to protect and reassure the Muslims who have been subjected to attacks by religious fanatics; and the obligation to restore and transform the livelihoods and lives of the inhabitants of the Northern and Eastern provinces, who are suffering from the presence and interference of a disproportionately large military despite the end of the war. I have no doubt in my mind that he would give those issues the necessary consideration.

Patience, trust and empathy are all vital to sustain democracy. We have sowed the seeds for a democratic revolution today by committing ourselves to those attributes. We have done our duty. We have done so in the midst of varied intimidations, travails and dangers. We believe that the new leadership would enable our lives to flourish. May the future usher in a new era! May those who rule the country understand our needs and empathise with our aspirations!

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