Al JaZeera Report on New President of Sri Lanka

15-21There is some concern among Tamil Diaspora that President Maithripala has not made any move to address the Tamils’ issue.

We need to take note that this is a better option than having continuation of Mahinda Rajapaksa as President under him planned colonization would have shrunk the boundary of Tamil Eelam.

The Tamil Diaspora groups who were calling for non-participation should reflect on outcome that would have caused, if Rajapaksa had won or his attempt to sabotage the election after losing has succeeded?

Thankful for the USA and India’s intervention which stopped the violent end that would have caused another pogrom.

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In the seven districts of North East and area where Tamils and Muslims are in substantial number (over 70% voted for Maithripala) and also a couple of districts in the Hill country were intelligent enough to exercise their votes, some spent couple of hours to travel to their home from their work place to participate in  the election.

This demonstrate that Our brothers and sisters in Sri  Lanka were politically smarter than the Tamil Diaspora who were calling them not to support either of these two key candidates.

Had they followed, Tamil Diaspora’s advise, Rajapaksa will be in power today; even the small changes we have seen would not have taken place, Gotabaya instead of hiding will be still in power. 

Watch the YouTube , views expressed put the President’s position in clear perspective. 

It is not possible for the President Maithripala Sirisena to act on all issues which affect Tamils immediately, but removing the restriction on media, swearing in front of Tamil Supreme Court Judge, ignoring the convention, appointment of a career diplomat as the Defence Secretary are good signs.

President being a village boy he will be the most honest President than all other leaders. He demonstrated by saying that  he will be only one term President, also the first foreign country that he will be visiting is India, which are a good signs. 

Tamil Diaspora can do is to pursue the OISL exercise and make sure the International community brings it to successful conclusion  the UNHRC investigation on war crimes and crimes against humanity to pave the way for Justice to ALL the VICTIMS.

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