Split in SLFP London Branch

1178414466maithreeThe newly-elected members of the SLFP (Maithri Group)

By Sujeeva Nivunhella  in London

With the conclusion of the Presidential Election in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Freedom Party London branch split it to two. One of the former committee members of SLFP London branch Lasantha Perera formed his own SLFP (Maithree Group).

Perera who tendered his resignation to the President of the SLFP branch Methsiri Wijeratne before the election was held and supported Presidential candidate Maithreepala Sirisena.

Maithree fraction of the SLFP branch gathered at the Lihiniya Restaurant in North London on Saturday, 10th January to form their own branch.

Lasantha Perera was appointed as the President of the branch unanimously. Meepali Jothirathna and Amirthalingam Wimalthasan were elected as the Vice Presidents. Kolitha Mendis was elected as the General Secretary and his assistant was Bandula de Silva. Nirosh Perera was elected as the Treasurer and his assistant was Tabriz Joonooz.

When questioned why he formed this branch as there is another group called “Support Maithree Group in London”, Perera said that this is the SLFP (Maithree) branch and it is good to have many groups supporting the President Sirisena.

He further said that they are ready to help the President in what ever way to establish good governance in the country. He said that it was good to see a large number of younger generation Sri Lankans join his group.

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