Possible Suspect Of Military Coup Probe Mahinda Balasuriya Sneaks Out Of Country

06e9a5d2f10dcf2487f032355c6a556d_LFormer Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Order and Former IGP Former IGP and Law and Order Ministry Secretary Mahinda Balasuriya has left for Abu Dhabi this morning, airport sources confirmed.

Balasuriya is likely to be a possible suspect in the investigations with regard to the attempted coup on the election night.

It has come to the limelight that Balasuriya had attended a suspicious meeting on January 07 with several senior Army officials and two senior-most Police officers in the Department. Balasuriya, reportedly, was the person who invited the two senior Police officers to attend the meeting.

Balasuriya had reportedly flown out of the country on a Rotana Airlines flight.

The former Ministry Secretary had fled the country against a backdrop where the Attorney General had given the green light to the CID to proceed with their investigations into the attempted coup. The CID is now in the process of examining CCTV footage of the Temple Trees on the election night.

He was the IGP when the police shot and killed a free trade zone (FTZ) worker during a workers’ protest. Balasuriya was then appointed as Sri Lanka’s ambassador to Brazil and he later became the Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Order which overlooked the Police Department.

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