Sri Lanka’s Jaffna power firm says waste oil is sold, not dumped

images (10)COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka’s Northern Power Company (Pvt) Ltd, an independent power producer connected to the stat-run distribution grid said it did not dump waste oil to the ground as alleged by residents but sold it for cash.

The firm said alleged contaminated wells were two to three kilometres away from the plant in Jaffna’s Chunnakkam area and in any case no waste oil was discharged to the ground.

The firm said in a statement that waste oil was sold for cash and used to fire furnaces and they would not dump it on the ground and forego potential revenues.

The firm said at one time there was an ‘oil lake’ in the region from an older state-run plant which was then covered in a landfill and grid substation built upon it.

The firm said no one knew what had happened to the oil and the matter had been mentioned in court as well.

Residents in the area had protested recently that the Nothern Power Company’s waste oil was contaminating their well.

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