Missing Persons Commission says 2,000 complaints need serious investigation

_50729364_relatives-of-the-missingMissing Persons Commission says 2,000 complaints need serious investigation

by Sulochana Ramaiah Mohan
A separate file with 2,000 complaints on missing persons awaits serious investigation, says the Presidential Commission to Investigate into Complaints regarding Missing Persons (PCICMP).Chairman of the Missing Persons Commission, Maxwel Paranagama, told Ceylon Today the separate file for investigation is ready as it comply with international humanitarian law and human rights law. A team of experts in that area is also needed.

“There are some areas linked with international laws and we need to investigate those complaints separately,” he said.
He added this is not the final set of complaints that needs investigation.
He reiterated that he had informed the former regime, the UPFA, about another investigating panel that is required. “We informed the Presidential Secretariat but we heard nothing from the officials, and they did not communicate with us perhaps due to lack of funds.
“We need to find evidence on the complaints we received and we have prepared a separate file for it. This investigation file was compiled with the advice of Dr Desmond de Silva and the Pakistan and Indian experts. We met once with them but over the phone we have taken their advice. They have given their directives to the international humanitarian law and international human rights law to investigate the 2,000 complaints.

Since every six months the commission has to be renewed, he added that this term ends on 15 February and it has to be renewed if the new government wants to proceed with the probe.
“Now we have done a summary on our work so far and we are going to hand over a progressive report which also includes the evidence of the LLRC.”
He also pointed out that the 5,000 complaints regarding the missing members of the Security Forces have not been yet referred to. “We have not ‘touched’ the complaints regarding Security Forces gone missing in the war, as yet. Government soldiers gone missing in the war could largely be due to being killed and bodies set on fire by the LTTE or animals feeding on them. That matter has more work on and so we have not touched the file as yet,” he added.
“Whoever has gone missing, we are accountable of it and that is paramount in human politics,” the Chairman stressed.

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