Nedumaran seeks a merged N-E

NEDUMARANThe new government in Sri Lanka should merge the Northern and Eastern provinces and accord the right to land and policing rights to the local government, if it wanted to win the faith of Tamils, founder of Tamil Desiya Munnani P. Nedumaran, said on Wednesday, according to The Hindu newspaper.

Addressing reporters in Madurai, he said that he would take the promise of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe on implementing the 13th Amendment with a pinch of salt.

“Such a move should get Sri Lankan Parliament’s ratification to make it legal or else it will face the same fate as in the past,” he said.

All the Sinhalese people, who were settled in Tamil areas, should be evacuated, he said.

The present government too took the same stand as that of Mahinda Rajapaksa, by not allowing an independent enquiry into the war crimes and human rights violations as per the resolution of United Nations Human Rights Council, he said.

The Tamil Desiya Munnani’s first State conference would be held in Madurai on January 25. It would demand prevention of exploitation of Tamil Nadu by others, including multinational companies.

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