Abolish PTA – MER

1620395_571805869582630_679170154_nBY Ruwan Laknath Jayakody

Calling for the immediate release of political prisoners stating that they had already served their sentences, the Movement for Equal Rights (MER) also demanded that the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) be immediately abolished and the military be relegated to barracks.
Convener of the Movement for Equal Rights Ravindra Mudalige said that steps must be taken to resettle all remaining internally displaced persons. The extra army personnel recruited must be given training and the necessary support so as to employ them as the work force in various sectors, he explained, adding that the militarization and the neo-liberal capitalism practised (by big investors) in the North and East under the guise of national security and economic development should be stopped.
Sinhala, Tamil and English must all be recognized as national languages, Mudalige stated.
In the birth certificate and the national identity card, instead of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Indian Tamil as the nationality, it should simply state Sri Lankan, he relayed. The so called National Executive Committee should also look at the murder of the common public who merely asked for their rights in Rathupaswala, Katunayake and Chilaw, and not just investigate the killing of politicians and journalists, Mudalige said.
“National security has been wrongfully construed as protecting the State and the government. Language facilities must be established in all State institutions so that Tamils could conduct their work in their mother tongue. Compensation for those who incurred loss of material wealth and the loss of lives of loved ones due to the war must be provided. Lands must be given back to their original owners. Houses should be given to those who lost houses. The crisis of the fishermen in the North and the East and India must be resolved. The procedure and process of gathering information for the electronic identity card must be scrapped. State institutions should be a-religious. Money spent on the military should be reduced. Amending only articles in the Constitution will not suffice,” Mudalige emphasized.

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