Gallant youth dives in and saves two of three

qBY Panchamee Hewavissenti

A67-years-old woman of Vadamarachchi, Jaffna died in a most tragic manner. In a bid to save her grandson who had accidently fallen into a well in their garden, she unhesitatingly had jumped in to save the child. The boy’s sister too had jumped into the well seeing her grandmother do so, she followed suit in order to save both her grandmother’s and brother’s lives. All three of them got into difficulty in the end, but luckily they were spotted by a brave youngster of the same area and he was able to rescue the two children, who were fortunate enough to survive the ordeal unlike the unfortunate grandmother.

This incident occurred at Kudaththanai, Wadamarachchi East area last week.
The two children were taken care of by their grandmother Sithambaranathan Thangamma during the daytime when their parents were away. Thangamma loved the cute little ones and cared for them as a mother. The sister and the brother too enjoyed the company of their grandma and felt safe under her protective care, as their grandma always advised them to play within her view, so that they could be watched by her. She had also had stressed that the children should not go too close to the well in the garden as it didn’t seem safe. The two agreed to engage in their amusing activities in close vicinity to grandma and were of course at times a bit reckless when their minds were fully indulged in amusement. Thangamma had to often remind them of the well when they appeared oblivious of that fact. The little ones turned a deaf ear to the warnings as they were confident enough of protecting themselves and asked their grandma not to worry too much about them as they would make sure to maintain a safe distance from the well.
The children returned to their accustomed activities after they had returned home from school. Thangamma fed them and allowed them to play outside followed by the advice that they should avoid playing near the well, as usual. They nodded in agreement. Thangamma, though was not at ease and feared that the children could face a tragedy if they played too close to the well, so she kept a watchful eye on them as any concerned grandma would.
Her constant warnings had seemed futile when children were unable to stick to her advice. Some children are reckless and uncontrollable by nature, and they cannot be blamed for that. Because, children tend to get carried away in their own excitement while playing and heed not the warnings of grown-ups.
Thangamma couldn’t believe her very eyes when she saw her grandson falling into the well. Her heart skipped a beat for a while and could not think of any action to be taken at that time and shrieked out of astonishment and fear. The next moment she ran towards the well and without a second a thought, leaped into the well to save the life of her beloved grandson. The little girl who witnessed the spectacle was also frightened and yelled at the top of her voice. The girl too followed the action of her grandma and jumped into the well with the intension of saving two lives. She was too young to think of what the possible consequences would be.
A gallant youth to the rescue…
The three of them were screaming in the well for assistance. A 20-year-old boy who was passing the area at that time rushed to the place where the screams came from. He saw that an old woman and two children were battling with their lives in the well. He was shocked to see the scene and wasted no time but immediately jumped into the well to help save them.
He brought the old woman out first. He noted that her state was intensely critical but had no time for any fist-aid. He briskly jumped back into the well to save the little girl. The little girl was still able to keep herself afloat on the surface without getting fully submerged. He took the little girl in his hands and came out of the well. The panic-stricken girl in a shivering voice told him that her little brother was still in the well. Without taking a break the boy quickly jumped once more back into the well and looked for the little one. He found the little boy at the bottom of the well. After a bit of a struggle he managed to get the little boy out. By that time the old woman had already breathed her last.
The little boy was unconscious and his condition was also critical. So he telephoned for an ambulance immediately and informed the Police of the incident over the phone. He called out for assistance from the neighbours and they thronged to the spot to assist the youngster.
The little boy was sent to Point Pedro Base Hospital for first aid and then transferred to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital for further treatment. The old woman’s body was sent for post-mortem investigations.
The Police of Point Pedro noted down statements from the people who flocked at the place and they expressed their appreciation for the bravery of 20-year-old Dinesh Kumar. The Police commended Dinesh Kumar of his quick action which resulted in saving two lives. Dinesh was showered with praises by the crowd gathered around for his gallantry.

The methodical deflowering of a pretty minor

Salma* is a pretty schoolgirl, 15-years of age and a grade 11 student who is a resident of Alim Nagar, Akkaraipattu. This pretty faced girl was wooed by many a school boy but Salma was proud enough to turn their proposals down. None of them were of her taste and it was an inconvenience for her when the boys whom she ignored continuously pestered her. She was determined to complete her studies well before entering into a relationship.

There was a married young person named Ahmed*of good stature who lived close to Salma’s house. At first Ahmed wasn’t anyone special to Salma and she would casually talk and smile with him whenever she saw him around. Though Salma had no special attraction or likeness towards him, Ahmed had secretly developed a desire for Salma. Salma wasn’t aware of this and was as usual talking and smiling with him. He became determined to take advantage of this good nature of Salma and he made it a point to see Salma as often as possible and drag her into conversations with him. Salma was still too immature to comprehend the ulterior motive of this married young man. Salma was cautious enough though, to avoid casual conversations with boys of her age group. As Ahmed is a married person she thought talking to him would not cause any problem.
Though she thought their encounters to be incidental, it were intentionally planned by Ahmed. In a short period of time, Ahmed became a close friend to Salma. Both friends now even shared the little incidents in their lives. Salma had now become so close to him that she was free to share her funny experiences with school boys who flirted with her. Ahmed did not forget to add comments to them.
He stealthily woos her…
With the passing of time Ahmed was drawn even closer to Salma. Salma too began to like him secretly. She did not show that to Ahmed but moved about with him in the usual manner. Both were unable to keep their fondness towards each other concealed any longer. Ahmed made the first move. Salma was lured into entering into a relationship although she was hesitant due to the fact that Ahmed was already married. Ahmed convinced her that his marital status would not inhibit them to start a romantic relationship. Ahmed seduced her. Salma, who was at the peak of her adolescence, was quite naturally overwhelmed by her feelings and youthful desires.
On the 12th of January in the evening Ahmed invited Salma for a romantic stroll. Salma turned it down saying it was too dark to go out of her house. Ahmed displayed an annoyed face to Salma for her refusal to come with him. Salma did not want to hurt her lover. She then tacitly agreed to accompany him despite the fact that her parents may look for her.
Salma stepped out with a trembling heart but she was happy to be alone with her boy friend.
This was the time that Ahmed had been longing for. He enticed Salma into a sexual relationship with him. She although tempted, dared not commit such an act. Ahmed was lovably persuasive and very romantically disarmed her of her fears. She finally caved in to his persistent requests as he deftly deflowered her.
Salma’s mother was suspicious of her daughter’s alien behaviour seeing her returning home in the night. She inquired strictly from her daughter where she had been and what she had been upto. Salma fearful, came clean and spelt out the sequence of incidents that had taken place over a period of time and finally that day, that he had persuaded her and she had entered into a sexual relationship with him.
Salma’s mother was dumbfounded with astonishment on hearing this. She reprehended both Ahmed and Salma for their lax behaviour. Salma’s mother lodged a complaint with the Akkaraipaththu Police against Ahmed for sexually abusing a minor. The Police apprehended the suspect and locked him up.
(*All names used here are fictitious to protect the identity of those involved.)

Drunken father kills son for interrupting quarrel with mother

A father, who was an incorrigible drunkard, had killed his son for interrupting a quarrel between him and his wife. The 52-year-old father was arrested by the Ganemulla Police for killing his elder son by causing fatal cuts in his neck with a sharp weapon.
Amith Harsha Kumara, was the eldest of a family of five children. Amith is 23 years old and his youngest brother is still 7-years of age. Amith formerly worked in the Navy and had deserted his job. Amith had no permanent employment. His mother was the only one at home who had permanent employment. She worked as a Samurdhi Development Officer.
Amith’s father was a habitual drunkard although he did not have any permanent means of living. The family’s financial status was pathetic and this was further aggravated by the habitual drinking by the father. It was a heavy strain on Amith’s mother to look after four children with the inadequate salary she got. She used to grumble about her husband’s seemingly destructive habit which was both financial and health-wise. This argument often comes to an end with her being assaulted by her husband. Though she was well aware of the outcome she could not suppress her emotions when she sees her husband come home drunk.
Amith’s father returned home in the evening drunk as usual on the 12th of January. Amith was wiping his body dry after a bath, when he heard a heated argument going on at the back of the house. He understood by the manner his father behaved, that he was drunk. He hurriedly wrapped the towel around his waist and rushed towards the back of the house to stop the father of verbally assaulting his mother. On seeing Amith, his father got more agitated. The verbal assault had then turned to a physical one and he had threatened to kill his wife. Amith could no longer be a spectator and stood in defence of his mother. Amith rebuked his father and pushed him back with the intension of keeping him away from his mother, fearing that he would commit further harm physically by his attacks on his mother with the knife.
Enraged he turns on Amith
This action of Amith’s aroused the anger in his father and he regarded it as disrespectful to him. He then flung his hands about attacking Amith. Amith tried to prevent his father from doing this and further received shots. Amith had also retaliated to his father’s assault in a similar fashion in self defence which angered his father greatly. With a uncontrollable anger Amith’s father unleashed an attack on Amith’s neck with his knife.
Amith fell to the floor crying out in pain. His mother wept out of sorrow cursing her husband. Injured Amith lay on the ground for more than half an hour. Though she wanted to take her son to hospital, her husband prevented her from doing so threatening to kill her.
Amith’s mother wasn’t deterred by this. She managed to send a message of this incident to the Ganemulla Police after half an hour’s struggle. The Police immediately arrived on the spot to rush the injured Amith to the hospital. Amith was lying in a pool of blood on the ground and still alive when the Police arrived. The Police took him in a neighbour’s lorry to hospital. While he was being taken to Ragama Teaching Hospital, he had opened his eyes once and looked around. After a little while before the lorry reached the destination, Amith had breathed his last.
Meanwhile his father, who committed the killing, had surrendered to the Ganemulla Police with the knife he had used to commit the homicide. He had confessed of the killing of his own son and had also given a reason for that. He had told that he was irritated by the disrespectful act of his son who dared assault him with a plastic pipe.
There hadn’t been any outside eye witnesses to the incident besides Amith’s mother. She, in a statement had denied her husband’s statement of his son hitting him with a plastic pipe. She instead had said that the son pretended to assault his father with a pipe to control her drunken husband.
Whatever the reason may be to kill his son, he had committed the murder and cannot be absolved of the punishment. Amith’s mother still laments over the loss of her beloved eldest son and Amith’s siblings too are in an ocean of sorrow and astonishment of how their father had killed the brother and the tragic plight of their father in the prison.
The case was heard at the Magistrate Court on 20th of January.

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