TNA has no faith in a local probe

922976_371507369624796_475705882_nThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says it has no faith in a domestic probe on the war and wants the outcome of the UN investigations to be made public.

Cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne had said that the Government will look at a domestic mechanism to investigate the war and obtain foreign expertise if required.

However TNA MP Suresh Premachandran said that past experiences had shown that a domestic probe had not gone far and so the Tamil community will await the outcome of the UN led investigation.

Premachandran said that there was an attempt to delay the report on the UN investigations on Sri Lanka from being submitted to the UN Human Rights Council in March.

He said that the United States and the United Nations must ensure the report of the UN-led investigations is made public.

The report on Sri Lanka will be presented to the UN Human Rights

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