SLFP Organiser calls for independent domestic war crimes probe

Punish those found guilty, pardon them later
* Non compliance may lead to economic sanctions 

isaipriya-and-Chennel-4-2by Zacki Jabbar

An SLFP Chief Organiser and former Minister yesterday called for an independent domestic inquiry into allegations of war crimes that the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) had levelled against the previous government, the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE.

Neomal Perera MP, who is the SLFP’s Chief Organiser for Chilaw and former Deputy Foreign Minister said that even though the previous UPFA government had refused to comply with the UNHRC resolution passed against it, the war crimes charges had to be dealt with, if the country was to move forward.

While being part of the UN community, it was not possible to say that the UNHRC which was a legal body could not call for inquiries into allegations of human rights violations in any of its member nations. It was due to the stand taken by the Rajapaksa regime that the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights had proceeded to conduct a probe of its own and the interim report was due to be tabled at its next annual sessions to be held in March this year, he noted.

“Let us have an independent domestic inquiry and whoever is found guilty be punished, whether it be from the government or the LTTE. Those convicted could be pardoned after a few years of serving their sentences”, Perera said, adding that unless the alleged excesses committed by both sides were dealt with, it would continue to haunt the country and its people who would have to suffer the consequences, which could include severe economic sanctions.

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