Jaffna University stages protest against political influence

Jaffn UniUniversity stages protest against political influence

By Pranavesh Sivakumar

The Jaffna University Association yesterday condemned that if political interference does not come to a halt an adverse situation would surface in the university.

This view was expressed by student, teachers and employee unions in the university. A protest was held by the unions urging the authorities to stop political influence within the university.

Student Union President, Teachers Union President and Employees Union President addressed the gathering to explain crisis situation in the university.

They said, “This protest was organized to eliminate political interference, which had obstructed university activities. The protest will continue until this place becomes a clean and peaceful place”.

“This is not a place where we run politics. This esteemed place should not be transformed to fulfill their political needs but should be protected as a prestigious education institution”, they pointed out.

They urged the education authorities to help eliminate political influence in educational institutions.

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