Two Tamil men arrested on suspicion of having LTTE links at Airport.

imagesBy Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

TNA MP T. Ariaynethran urged the government to reveal the reason for the arrest of Kandasamy Karunanidhi and Bhaskaran Thamodhiram who arrived from Qatar and Dubai on Monday (2) and Tuesday (3), respectively.

According to the MP, K. Karunanidhi (36) who hails from Mamangam, Batticaloa was arrested at the BIA on Monday as he arrived from Qatar. He is a father of one child and from a low income family.

Thamodiram (29), father of one child, who hails from Kokkaddicholai in the North, arrived from Dubai on Tuesday was arrested by intelligence services, claimed the MP.

The family is unaware of their whereabouts so far but they were informed that that the men were taken for questioning and would be released.

MP Ariaynethran questioned the nature of the arrests and stressed that such arrests had taken place in the past under UPFA rule and that similar arrests are still taking place even after the government has changed.
“Who arrested them and where are they?” the MP had asked at the Parliament session yesterday (5).

Police Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana when contacted by Ceylon Today said that Karunanidhi was identified as an ex-LTTE soldier. “The investigation is in progress and even if he had no criminal records, he would be rehabilitated for being an ex-combatant,” the SSP said.

On Thamodiram’s arrest, the SSP said that he was arrested on ‘suspicion of having links with the LTTE’ and that during interrogation it was revealed that he had been involved in criminal activities when the LTTE was active.

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