UK Parliament Delegates Visit Mullaittivu

An all party parliamentary team on Sri Lanka from the UK Parliament, chaired by Rt. Hon Lord Naseby P.C Baron of Sandy, visited the Security Force Headquarters-Mullaittivu (SFHQ-MLT) during their recent stay in Sri Lanka.

Lord Nasby is a close associate of former President Mahinda Rajapakshe who is accused of War Crime for killing of thousands of Tamil Civilians.

Lord Naseby has misled the Lords over Sri Lanka, but Lord Naseby can be commended for honestly declaring his interests as chairman of the All-Party British-Sri Lanka Group and a receiver of Sri Lankan government hospitality.

Unfortunately Lord Naseby has failed to be accurate in his recent attack on Channel 4’s harrowing documentaries: Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, War Crimes Unpunished, and No Fire Zone.

A_UK_2In a parliamentary question on February 26th, Lord Naseby told peers that there is now “conclusive evidence that that film from Channel 4 features two key independent witnesses, so alleged, who were in fact fully paid-up members of the Tamil Tigers”. This statement is misleading.

One of the witnesses he refers to is a woman called Isaipriya. She was definitely a “fully paid-up” Tiger; she was in fact one of their TV personalities. Channel 4 never denied this in their documentaries: in War Crimes Unpunished, for instance, they refer to her as “the LTTE TV presenter Isaipriya.”

Lord Naseby’s suggestion that Isaipriya’s political affiliations are of any importance at all is troubling. Channel 4’s footage shows her dead, naked, with a single head wound and her hands tied behind her back – a clear victim of sexual abuse and summary execution. To treat a captive in such a way is a hideous breach of the Geneva Convention and her human rights; her political status is completely irrelevant.

At the SFHQ-MLT, the delegation had a cordial meeting with Major General Jagath Dias, Security Force Commander where they were enlightened on the status quo in Mullaittivu area.

Lord Naseby paid a visit to Pudumathalan area where the final stages of rescue operations took place during the humanitarian operations.

Lord Naseby trying to mislead the UK Lords again?

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