NPC seeks Diaspora help

By Mirudhula Thambiah

Northern Province Minister of Agriculture and Environment, Ponnuthurai Ainkaranesan, said at the Council sittings that Rs 1.3 million worth equipment will be sent by the Diaspora community to examine the Chunnakam oil leak and water contamination.
He also said the water contamination issue in Chunnakam and Tellipalay in the Valikamam area has severely affected the people as they are facing difficulties in consuming well water.

1403510022_1241335_hirunews_tna-unAinkaranesan also stated that the issue has brought in various strong criticisms on the Northern Provincial Council (NPC).
“The central government should take steps to provide clean water to the people who are affected by the water contamination due to the oil leak. It is the rights of the people to consume clean water for drinking purposes. But, currently, the people at Chunnakam and Tellipalay are terribly affected by the water issue, therefore the central government should join the NPC and take up the responsibility in resolving the issue,” he stated.
He added the drinking water facility is provided to the affected people through the NPC and the relevant Pradeshiya Sabhas are involved in the distribution of water to the affected people. The Water Board and the Disaster Management Centre are also involved in this task.
He also pointed out the NPC had taken action to provide water from a sea water purification project.

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