Four former military officials who are Political appointees, have been allowed to stay on!

Thirty six political appointees in Sri Lanka Missions abroad, below the level of Head of Mission, have been informed that their tours of duty end with effect from March 10 this year, and have been instructed to return home.

These include relatives of politicians and of public officials closely connected to those in the former regime.

However, four former military officials who are also political appointees, have been allowed to stay on till their terms end.

Those recalled are

  • First Secretary- Brussels, Dharshie Lokuge, daughter of former Minister Gamini Lokuge,
  • Second Secretary- Tokyo, J.M.S.L. Bandara, brother of MP Janaka Bandara,
  • Second Secretary- UN, New York, Ms C.J. Rambukwella, daughter of former Minister Keheliya Rambukwella,
  • Second Secretary- Washington, Janathri Nanayakkara, niece of MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara,
  • Third Secretary- Dubai, UAE, Dilrukshan Jayasinghe, son of Minister Chandrani Bandara.

Six political appointees have been recalled from Australia, four from the High Commission in Canberra and two from Sydney.

They are

  • Deputy High Commissioner- Canberra, Lakshman Hulugalle,
  • Minister Counselor- Canberra, D.G.N. Rambukwella,
  • Second Secretary- Canberra, Ms T.K. Chanitra Shalendri,
  • Third Secretary- Canberra, Mrs Rathna Ranaweera,
  • Consul General- Sydney, Bandula Jayasekera,
  • Consul Minister- Sydney, Yasara Abeynayake.

The others are

  • Deputy Chief of Mission- Vienna, Srimal Wickremasinghe,
  • Second Secretary- Vienna, Nawodh S. Hennayake,
  • Consul General- Toronto, Mohan de Alwis,
  • First Secretary- Beijing, Ms M.I. Thuduwewatte,
  • Second Secretary- Cairo, P.K.M.R.S. Wijeratne,
  • Second Secretary- Paris, Ms P.R.B.W. Cooray,
  • Second Secretary- Berlin, Roshan Nalin Wijesinghe,
  • Consul General- Frankfurt, Pradeep Jayawardene, L.M.S. Liyawdeen, Baghdad,
  • Minister Chennai- Anusha Shivarajah
  • Second Secretary- Chennai, B.M.U.N. Bandaranayaka.
  • Third Secretary- Jordan, Pradeep Maddhumabandara,
  • Second Secretary- Kuwait, J.M.S.L. Bandara
  • Minister Counselor- Kathmandu, Dixon J Perera,
  • Consul General- Jeddha, Dr Adambawa Uthumlebbe,
  • First Secretary- Abu Dhabi, UAE, W.K.S. Dissanayaka,
  • Minister- London, Lalith Sepala Ratnayaka,
  • Minister- London, Dr (Mrs) Hashini Kokila Waidyartne,
  • Second Secretary- London, Ms Muthu Padmakumara,
  • Second Secretary- New York, Umayanga Nanayakkara,
  • Minister- Washington, Tanuja Usliyanage,
  • Minister- Washington, K.D. Ranjith,
  • Minister- Washington, Waruna Epasinghe.

The Militarisation Of Sri Lanka’s Diplomatic And Administrative Services

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