TNA joins hands with SLMC to run EPC

By Mirudhula Thambiah

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has agreed join hands with the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) to form a national unity government in the Eastern PC and has decided to accept ministerial portfolios. However, TNA and SLMC have not as yet agreed on what… .. portfolios the TNA will receive. Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) Opposition Leader Singaravelu Thandayuthapani (TNA ) told Ceylon Today that his Party would join the SLMC to form a government at provincial level to serve the people and solve their grievances.

“Our party leader appointed a five-member committee to discuss joining the provincial government and we had two rounds of meetings in Colombo. We agreed to extend our support to the SLMC after the discussions. We are yet to decide the board of ministers,” he said.

slmc and tnaHe said the third meeting is very likely to be held in Trincomalee to decide the ministerial portfolios. “We are yet to decide the ministerial portfolios and once it is decided, we can proceed,” he said.
“People in the Eastern Province knew about the problems regarding the Chief Minister’s post in the council and we did not want to create further complications. Therefore, we decided to function in unity. We also believe that a reasonable share of the ministerial portfolios will be offered to us,” he said.

TNA secured 11 seats and SLMC 7 seats in the Eastern Province election, while the UPFA coalition in the council consists 22 members.
Meanwhile, speaking to Ceylon Today Chief Minister of Eastern Province, Z.A. Naseer Ahamed said the board of ministers will be decided within this week.

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