”Updated release of No Fire Zone project” needs minimum of £10,000 pledge before Feb 22, 2015

Brampton Tamil Association

Dear Sir / Madam:

As you may already know, currently, Mr. Callum Macrae is looking for support from Human Rights supporters around the world for his second updated release of No Fire Zone project. His previous project in 2013 helped to get world attention and played a critical role in pushing the UN to launch investigation on Sri Lanka’s crimes against humanity.

UN investigation report is expected to be presented in the next UN Human Rights Council meeting at the end of March this year. The call for justice need to be loud and clear and we believe this project will remind the world again the need for justice. Therefore, this project is critical as indicated in the project web site; “It is of also vital importance that the change of government in Sri Lanka is not used as an excuse by the international community to drop the pressure over impunity in Sri Lanka. That is one of the main aims of this new film – and this new project.”

‘No Fire Zone’Ottawa Tamil Association supports this project and our friends in Ottawa alone contributed around £600.00 and the current pledge is around £2,400.00 so far. Since the project needs  minimum of £10,000 pledge before Feb 22, 2015 to get started, many need to contribute. We believe justice and truth is more important for peace and your support to this project is critical for justice.

Please request your members to support this project by pledging one of the category in the web link.



Ottawa Tamil Association

Contact: info@ottawatamilassociation.ca

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