JVP warns govt. against delay in taking action

“43 days have gone by since this government has been brought to power. No procedures have been taken within the 50 days of the 100 day programme of the government regarding serious frauds and corruption committed during the previous regime. The JVP would take to the streets with the people if such procedures are intentionally delayed. We have already arranged an agitation opposite fort Railway Station on the 26th.”

This was stated by the Information Secretary of the JVP Vijitha Herath addressing a media conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (20th). The President of Inter Company employees’ Union Wasantha Samarasinghe too participated.

Mr. Vijitha Herath further said, “The JVP is criticizing the government regarding the delay in investigating the complaints of frauds and corruption that have been brought up against the previous regime and we are mediating to prevent such delay and accelerate the procedures. Rajapaksa family rule and its chums massively exploited state resources and assets. We made this criticism even before the presidential election. After the election we, in addition to our criticisms, complained with evidence on 13th January to the Bribery Commission regarding those who are charged with mass scale frauds and corruption. We commenced our exercise exactly five days after the presidential election.

While many were talking about those who had committed small scale frauds and corruption, we complained with evidence against Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Basil, Namal, Ajith Nivad Cabraal, Sajin Vaas gunawardene, Rohitha Abeygunawardene, Johnston Fernando and several others. Subsequently, we were called for the Commission once to get information but no investigation has been started by the Commission.

We have complained to the Bribery Commission and the CID. We also have complained to Court of Appeal. 43 days have gone by since this government has been brought to power. No procedures have been taken within the 50 days of the 100 day programme of the government regarding serious frauds and corruption committed during the previous regime. There is only a statement that a committee had been appointed to investigate the complaints. 40 days have gone by to appoint this committee. The expectation of all people, in spite of their political affiliations, was to see the thieves who plundered public assets being punished. Now, this expectation of the people is being denied to them. We have been mediating and would mediate in the future to fulfill this expectation of the masses. The government that could not investigate bribes and frauds of the ministers of the previous government has been very quick in issuing a circular to provide vehicles and fuel to ministers of the previous government. People did not expect perks and facilities for thieves. They expected them to be punished. Good governance cannot be created in this manner.

sriLankas_secrets_001The charges against KP are those that were stated by Lakshman Hulugalle who was the media spokesman of the Ministry of Defense. KP had used several passports. He had bought ships. There was the issue of a large amount of money and gold. He was also involved in international arms racket. Former Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa too had made the same charges. However, there has been no investigation regarding him since 2009. We filed a petition in the Court of Appeal on 19th January. We asked for an order to arrest KP and carry out investigations. The petition was heard on 27th January. Further hearing was put off to 5th February. The Attorney General’s Department informed that time was needed to forward a report on KP. Accordingly, we appeared before Court on 19th February. No investigation report was forwarded. It was stated that the Attorney General’s Department had not received any report on KP from security sections. Even today he is maintaining an NGO in Killinochchi with the protection of security sections. Why couldn’t the Attorney General get information about him? The whole country knows about KP. The world knows about him. There are complaints against KP in India as well. However, there are no reports about him in our country. Is the reason for the delay a manipulation by a hidden hand? Why does it take so much time? Instead of accelerated procedures the snail pace is followed. Despite KP being in custody for several years, there is not even half a sheet of paper of a report against him.

Legal action against mass scale fraudsters doesn’t take place when action against fraudsters is postponed. As a result there won’t be any stop to frauds and corruption in the society. As soon as election results were announced there was an attempt in the morning on the 9th to withdraw Yoshitha Rajapaksa from the Navy. Now he has left the country on special privileges.  Comrade Nalinda Jayatissa complained to the Defense Secretary regarding Yoshitha Rajapaksa. While a committee had been appointed to investigate this complaint Yoshitha left the country. Who allowed him to go abroad? The Defense Secretary was sent a written complaint again. Basil Rajapaksa fled to the USA. Now a three months leave has been approved for him. Yoshitha Rajapaksa too has taken leave from the Navy. Action should be taken regarding these immediately. The JVP would take to the streets with the people if taking legal action is further delayed. We have already arranged an agitation opposite fort Railway Station on the 26th. We would have to take such action to draw people’s opposition to the delay in taking action against fraudsters. The government should immediately mediate to take legal action against those who were engaged in frauds and corruption.”

The President of Inter Company Employees’ Union Wasantha Samarasinghe speaking to the media said, “In the interim budget proposals presented on 29th January the private sector employees were told they would be given Rs.2500 salary increase. The private sector employees as well as state sector employees should be given a salary increase of Rs.10,000. For, both buy goods from the same shop. They all have the same COL. We have informed this to the Minister of Finance and the President. The government is marking time without giving the private sector employees the minimum increase of Rs.2500. It had been said salaries would be increased through wages boards. Wages board is an antiquated, worthless structure. It is said that there are already 43 such boards of which five are inactive. What the wages board does is to decide the minimum wage. As a result the salary increase for private sector employees is getting delayed. We demand the government to adopt in Parliament a bill like the No. 36 of 2005 and get the salaries of the private sector employees increased. The salaries of private sector employees have not been increased even by one rupee since 2006. We do not accept deceptive statements of the government. A gazette has not been issued yet regarding the Rs.280 living allowance. The employees of the private sector sacrificed a lot to send home Mahinda Rajapaksa regime and bring in Mr. Maithripala Sirisena. Now their aspirations are being shattered even before the 100 day period approaches. We demand the government to adopt a Parliamentary bill within the hundred day programme to increase salaries of the private sector.

An agitation campaign would be held at Katunayaka on the 25th to demand the government for this action. Agitations would be held at Biyagama, Ratmalana and other places. If the government doesn’t listen to us we would hold a massive rally in Colombo in March. As such, the government should immediately take action to solve the salaries issue.”

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