Rajiva Wijesinha To Resign Tomorrow?

86653da6ed1d2921aa017f3aa4ec8b87_LState Minister of Higher Education Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha stated that he will take a decision on resigning from his post tomorrow.

Speaking to local media, he said that if he does not get a response to the letter he sent the President by tomorrow, he will have to take a decision.

His main grievance is the instructions given by Cabinet Minister for Higher Education Kabr Hashim without his knowledge to several individuals including former Chairperson of University Grants Commission Prof Kshanika Hirimburegama.

Wijesinha had said that he was going to resign last week. However he did not do so.

Meanwhile he told media that Minister Kabir Hashim has agreed that he should be appointed to the Cabinet. Wijesinha also said that Hashim promised to resolve the matter.

If Prof. Wijesinha resigns from his post, he will be the second State Minister of the government to do so. Earlier, State Minister of Aviation Faizer Mustapha resigned from his post, reportedly after the Prime Minister appointed Ajith Dias as Chairman of SriLankan Airlines over his head.

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