Probe killings of Tamil political prisoners

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Probe killings of political prisoners

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP Eswarapatham Saravanapavan, in a letter to the Minister of Justice and Labour, Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, asked that he appoint a commission to investigate the brutal murders of Tamil political prisoners detained in Sri Lankan prisons over the years.
In a letter sent to the Minister, the TNA MP asked that justice be established without race or religious differences in order to establish the promise of good governance.

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While he appreciated the fact that the Justice Ministry had launched an investigation into the murders at Welikada Prison, he asked that the same consideration be extended to Tamil political prisoners.
“Tamil political prisoners detained at the Vavuniya prison, held a hunger protest opposing the action to move them to the Anuradhapura prison. However they were forcibly moved to Anuradhapura prison and assaulted brutally. One of the prisoners, Dilukshiyan was in a coma and later died.

At the time he was in coma, his hands and legs were chained to the bed, informed his parents who had visited him”, explained the MP.
Saravanapavan also reminded the minister that the killing of 56 Tamil prisoners in 1983, at Welikada Prison had brought disrepute to Sri Lanka in the international arena and that it was important to not let such incidents be repeated.

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