Champika says he helped to topple MR regime to punish crooks

Minister of Power and Energy, Champika Ranawaka on Monday said that he had helped to topple the Rajapaksa regime and assumed duties at the Ministry of Power and Energy again because he wanted to punish and take legal action against corrupt individuals at the ministry.

Speaking to the media after inspecting the Muthuragawella oil storage complex, Ranawaka said: “One of the reasons for this Government to come to power was the dreadful dictatorship the previous regime maintained in the power and energy sector. Regardless of the many complaints we made to the authorities, the previous Government failed to take any action to stop corruption from taking place.

CHAMBIKASo now under this regime we will investigate the fraudulent activities that happened in the power and energy sector and punish the culprits without considering their political background. And if anybody tries to intervene, we won’t hesitate to remove those people from power as well.”

Speaking further, Ranawaka added that it was possible to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel because they stopped the “national robbery” which was taking place in the industry while also stating that those people who were requesting to bring back the leaders of the previous regime had no right to visit petrol sheds and purchase oil at the reduced rates or go to shops and buy goods according to the new prices.

“By 2020 we should make Sri Lanka a self-sufficient country concerning power and energy while by 2030 we should go for a green energy system,” Ranawaka said while talking about the ministry’s future plans.

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