Defend The Right Of NPC To Pass Genocide Resolution

By Siritunga Jayasuriya

Siritunga Jayasuriya

United Socialist Party (CWI-Sri Lanka) unequivocally defends the right of the Northern Provincial council in its attempt to bring the focus of the world on the Brutal war that killed 100’s of thousands of innocent Tamils in the North & the East of this country. Especially this resolution was passed by the NPC in the circumstance where the new Maithri government is pressurising the human right council in Geneva not to present the report in March and postpone the their sub- committee report till next September.

DM_20130717_A009While the Governments of Mahinda and the present one led by Maithripala wants to hide this terrible sitiation under carpet, but it is a fact that humongous acts of War Crimes did happen, especially during the last weeks of war in 2009 and even after people who surrendered. The continuation of Military domination of the North and the terrifying reality with which the Tamil people “live” in this country urgently needs an independent inquiry at least.

We defend the democratic right of the elected body of the Tamil people to represent the interests of Tamil people and the pass the resolution for an International Inquiry in to the war. Most of established Tamil political leaders have used to look upon India and west for short cut solutions but we think it is erroneous & futile exercise on their part to expect the Capitalist Governments of the West and the regional powers like India to do justice to their cause. It is these International forces Capital who were solidly behind the regime in Sri Lanka which conducted a brutal war. Appealing to the forces to investigate the war crimes and expect justice is like believing in a Chimera.

 USP has always stood for An independent war crimes investigation: For a people’s tribunal consisting of representatives accountable to working class and poor people from all communities, chosen by them and observed by international trade union and human rights organisations. Only such a body could be truly free of the influence of the Sri Lankan government and their international collaborator.

The defeated Sinhala communal extremist forces in the south have begun to utilised this situation in a subtle attempt to gain upper hand in the southern polity. At present they do not have any other way to whip up communalism. It is the duty of the trade unions working class and the real left forces to raise their voice against this attempt revive the communalism.

*Siritunga Jayasuriya- General secretary- United Socialist Party

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