Tamil community optimistic of a just solution

The Tamil community is confident that a National Government to be formed after the next Parliamentary Election will resolve the ethnic issue within two years, TNA Parliamentarian M.A. Sumanthiran said. Addressing the media yesterday in Colombo, the MP said that President Maithripala Sirisena during his Presidential Election campaign had promised to resolve the ethnic issue within two years under a National Government.

“From the way this Government acts we are confident that the present government is sincere and is showing a keen interest in resolving the national issue,” Sumanthiran added.

Addressing the media conference organised by the Balaya Beda Eksath Weeme Viyaparaya the TNA member pointed out the Report issued by the Lesson Learn and Reconciliation Committee (LLRC) had also focused on the importance of politically resolving the issue.

011“Hence it is of paramount importance to draw the immediate attention to this problem,” he said.

MP Sumanthiran also observed that still the land belonging to the people of the North and East is yet to be given back as promised by the present government. The armed forces still occupy a considerable part of the land and the time has come to change this situation and give the land back to the people as promised during the Presidential election.

“The people were very hopeful that no sooner this government came to power steps would be taken to release their land to the rightful owners. But this has not yet been realised,” he said.

Making reference to the 10th clause of the UN report Sumanthiran said that it had recommended having both “Internal and International inquiries and that the Internal inquiry should be conducted under the supervision of the UN and the UN will go ahead with the presentation of its Report on Sri Lanka in September.

The UN has respected the request of the present government not to place the Report in March this year and has opted to table it in September. The Tamil community live in confidence, that this government would do justice to them as promised,” he said.

Nava Lanka Samasamaja Party General Secretary Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne told the media that he too was a part of the plan in establishing this government.

“I am in the National Executive Committee. The way this government is acting at present is correct. Those who have plundered are being taken to task and we stress that the government should find a lasting solution to the ethnic issue,”he said.

Making reference to arrest of NFF leader Wimal Weerawansa’s wife, Dr. Karunaratne said that she was arrested for forgery. Kumar Gunaratnam of the Frontline Party had justifiable reasons to use another name.

“I also used a different name at one time for security reasons. But, on what grounds did the wife of the NFF leader use another name. This means they have things to hide and the people have a right know,” he said. Mano Ganeshan of the Democratic National Front, and Asath Sally also spoke.

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