TNA top rung rebuffs diaspora

TNA parliamentarian for Batticaloa S. Yogeswaran roundly condemned sections of the Tamil diaspora community who burnt party leader R. Sampanthan’s effigy in London.

He said that the TNA leadership cannot act according to the dictates of the diaspora community on every issue relating to Sri Lankan Tamils.

Sections of the diaspora community burnt the effigy of R. Sampanthan together with that of party frontliner M.A. Sumanthiran opposite the US embassy in London as a protest against the deferment of the UNHRC report on Sri Lanka’s purported war crimes, originally scheduled for March.

Accusing the TNA of indifference to the six-month deferment they staged a series of protests, the latest, opposite the US Embassy in London.

z_p01-TNAThe TNA is aware and concerned over all developments, both local and international, on matters relating to the Sri Lankan Tamils but has to adopt a diplomatic approach as a responsible political party, Yogeswaran said. The TNA has not changed its stance that the UNHRC report should be presented in March as originally scheduled.

The welfare of the people is of paramount importance to the TNA and all its decisions are prompted by their requirements, circumstances and demands and the diaspora community should understand it Yogeswaran said.

The TNA would work in coordination with the diaspora community on matters relating to a just solution to the Tamils’ problem but would not heed their arbitrary decisions, Yogeswaran said.

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