Devananda says Tamils yet to experience change

By Mirudhula Thambiah

Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) General Secretary, Parliamentarian Douglas Devananda, said the Tamil people are yet to experience the actual change in politics as the Tamil representatives in the National Executive Council (NEC) have failed to solve their issues so far.

“Those who said the problems of Tamil people will be solved through the NEC are just representing as members. They are representing the Tamils but have failed to address the issues. We condemn this move of the Tamil representatives in the NEC,” he said.
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) representatives should keep the Tamil people informed of what is discussed at the NEC regarding their political problem and what is yet to be achieved, he said.
“TNA has betrayed the Tamil people; they have failed to fulfil the demands of the Tamil people in the 100-day programme. This is the correct political situation in the South to address the issues of Tamils. They should make use of the opportunity on behalf of the Tamil people,” Devananda said.

mahinda_daglas-lankatruth 2TNA has always created setbacks in the issue of Tamils. They were never prepared to tackle the opportunities offered by the governments from time to time as the TNA was selfish in politics, he said.

“We the EPDP have served the people to the fullest, with the powers given to us in the former government. Those who have secured the majority of votes of the Tamil have directed them on the wrong route. The TNA campaigned to the Tamil people to vote for a change but the people have not fully experienced a change,” he said.
Devananda further said that Tamil people should come forward for an actual change. EPDP is looking forward to assist the people to experience a change in all their problems. “Therefore, people should make use of future opportunities to gather for an actual change,” he said.
Devananda made the above comments in Manippay in Jaffna at a discussion with the people.

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