Jaffna Hindu college old boys meeting with the president of Sri Lanka in London.

Old boys of Jaffna Hindu college  and well wishers  in UK met with the President Maithripala Srisena along with the foreign minister  Mr Mangala samaraweera. 
Resettlement minister Mr Swaminathan and the provincial minister Mr Azad Ali on the 10th of march 2015 at the Sri Lankan high commission in London.

The delegation consisted of twenty people. The main agenda was with regard to the 125th anniversary of Jaffna Hindu College.

david_cameron_my3_2The delegates provided a list of pressing needs of Jaffna Hindu College which included
1- Expansion and renovation of the  grounds
2-The teacher shortage.
3-Shortage of furnitures and equipments
4- The importance of trilingual teaching and the govt to provide adequate provision for the same.
Various other problems faced by the college were also highlighted, We also requested the govt to
1- Release all political prisoners without delay
2 – To provide relief for the war affected specially for the widows
3-  To investigate and take action regarding the disappeared in Sri Lanka
4- For resettlement of displaced people in their own land.

Hon Mr Swaminathan replied on behalf of the President and the ministers present.

He said that not only Jaffna Hindu College but other schools are in need of urgent assistance but will look into our request. With regard to the release of political prisoners, a sub committee has been formed by the deputy attorney general and to report to the president soon so that consideration will be given to their release. Mr Swaminathan as resettlement minister has already taken steps to resettle the displaced in their own land.

The meeting was amicable and both sides appreciated the efforts made by each other.

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