Government Snubs C4

By Waruni Karunarathne

The government has dismissed the Channel 4 Sinhala version of the No Fire Zone – killing Field of Sri Lanka.

Deputy External Affairs Minister Ajith Perera told The Sunday Leader that the Channel 4 allegations will not seriously affect the country.
He added that the video clip has been there for a while and the only difference is that they have launched a Sinhala version now and it would not do any serious damage to the country.

“When the Sinhala version of the Killing Field of Sri Lanka was screened in Westminster there were only 9 parliamentarians to watch the video.

34They will not get any positive or any additional publicity by showing this,” he said.

According to him, the video has no credence and some believe it to be edited.

He added that the producer of the video Callum Macrea is being criticized and he clearly has “a hidden agenda”.When questioned if the government would consider contacting Channel 4 to access the information on the video for proposed new domestic investigation into the war, Minister Perera added that the government has no such intentions of contacting Channel 4 on any matter of that nature.

At an event in the British parliament on Tuesday March 10, they launched the Sinhala version of the documentary No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka. This event coincided with President Maithripala Sirisena’s visit to the United Kingdom and was seen as a negative publicity on Sri Lanka challenging the new government. However, the new government downplayed the video and said that it would not make any impact on the country at present.

Channel 4 released this controversial video exposing alleged war crimes and massacres committed by the military at the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

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