Gota’s sale of arms to Indian terrorists detected: SL craft with weapons in Indian custody

Gota’s sale of arms to Indian terrorists detected: SL craft with weapons in Indian custody

gotha 15(Lanka-e-News- 21.Jan.2014, 11.00PM) A craft of Sri Lanka (SL) criminal defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse’s transporting weapons had been seized by the Indian coastal security forces, according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. Though Minister Rajitha Senaratne left for India recently citing the ground he was visiting India to get the fishermen released, truly he had discussions in India specially in regard to the release of this craft.

Based on reports reaching Lanka e News so far, the details are as follows:

Two weeks ago , a suspicious craft that was heading towards Sri Lanka (SL) from the west in the international territorial sea was seized by the Indian coastal security force for inspection. The suspicion was aroused because the craft which carried the international flag was identified as a high speed craft that was some time ago gifted to SL when the latter’s coastal security unit was being developed. During that time India gifted two high speed crafts to SL.

The Indian craft naval team had by a radio message has inquired how many naval officers are in the craft , to which the answer from the suspicious craft had been, there are 8 passengers in it ,and it is heading towards Mannar. The Indian coastal security had been keeping a watch on this craft thereafter .16 hours later this craft had been sighted moving towards the western international territorial waters.

To move into the international sea territory , the craft has to move across the Indian territorial waters . The Indian coastal navy security had inquired again where the vessel was situated when the answer had been, 16 people are in it. The suspicions of Indian coastal navy security had been heightened have ordered the craft to stop. When the Indian navy security boarded the suspicious craft and inspected , it had been discovered that there was not a single Sri Lankan national, and all the inmates were ‘whites’. (Though Lanka e News is aware which European country these nationals belong, we shall not reveal it right now). All of them did not have the CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) which is an indispensable document that should be in the possession of every member of the crew in an international craft. Though it was identified as a craft gifted by India, the absence of not even a single SL national in it had triggered grave suspicions, and a second search had been conducted on the vessel.

During this inspection 45 illegal firearms AK 47 were discovered that were kept hidden . Thereafter the 16 European nationals and the vessel were taken into custody by the Indian navy coastal security and handed over to Indian central security division for further investigations.

Based on information so far elicited, all these Europeans are of one country, and they are those providing private security services after resigning from government security services.

The weapons have been loaded clandestinely from a secret SL armory. It is to be noted that the weapons , AK 47 alias ‘Kalash’ seized from the craft are not used by the SL security forces.

They are weapons produced in Russia. The weapons used by the SL forces are T 56 and T 81 . AK 47 are used by terrorist organizations to whom they are marketed by illicit arms dealers of countries which broke away from Russia . The most popular weapon of the LTTE was the AK 47.

The most perplexing and crucial question is , why did a group of foreign illicit arms dealers use a SL coastal security craft? Besides, SL had never announced that its craft was robbed or drowned.

Therefore , it is very evident that these illicit arms were transported by this craft with the knowledge and consent of those responsible in SL.

The Commanding officer of the SL coastal security division is Navy Rear Admiral Ravindra Wjegunawardena. Previously , this division was under the fisheries Ministry , and by a new enactment introduced in 2010 , it was made a non Ministerial civil security service. The SL opposition parties did not object to this enactment, yet there are issues revolving around it.

If this coastal security service is a civil division , how can the navy Rear Admiral who is still in the navy give commands ? At least he must have retired from the naval service. Rear Admiral Wijegunawardena does not belong to that category.

The grave issue is , though this service was taken out of the Ministerial purview , it was brought under the defense secretary. In other words it ought to be under the defense Ministry. By all this jiggery pokery what is clearly evinced is, while the law points towards one legal direction what is indulged in are illegal subterfuges.

Following inquiries made by Lanka e news inside information division , the high ranking officers of SL coastal security forces and SL Navy confirmed that a craft of ours was taken into custody while in the Indian territorial waters. Though Navy Commander Jayantha Colombage and coastal security commanding officer Rear admiral Ravi Wijegunawardena have tried their best to keep this as a secret , the information had seeped out.

During the period when this craft that is now in Indian custody was gifted to SL by India ,the SL coastal security division was under the fisheries Ministry. Gotabaya had hence used fisheries Minister Rajitha Senaratne to tide over this present crisis by dispatching the Minister to India , but without avail. Though Rajitha’s Indian tour was ostensibly to get the fishermen released from custody, truly Rajitha’s efforts were directed to get Gota’s illegal arms craft released. India had not agreed to this request. In the least , even the Indian High commission did not make an official announcement about Rajitha’s tour.

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news , an inspection is being carried out on serial numbers of the illicit arms of Gotabaya that were in the craft seized , in order to check whether they have any relation with the weapons taken into custody from Indian terrorists. In case those numbers match , the issue will become most serious.

Already the international intelligence service is having infromation that Gotabaya is engaging in illicit arms deals. Information regarding a ship load of illicit arms brought down by Gota that was earlier on impounded by the government of the United Arab Emirates ; and the evidence of the arms deal concluded recently by Gota with an LTTE secret illegal arms dealer , Yogaraja along with palpable evidence are in the possession of the international intelligence division. With this latest discovery that Gotabaya is supplying arms to the Indian terrorist organizations secretly , proving the guilt of Gota is easily within reach.

It is very unfortunate that it is the people of the country who will have to face the brunt of the serious deadly problems that can proliferate owing to Gotabaya’s avarice which is so monumental that he is compromising the country’s integrity and security solely and wholly to achieve his personal agendas founded on filthy lucre.

Already SL is being discredited with charges that it is a heroin trafficking hub, and that those in its highest hierarchy are aiding and abetting international heroin trafficking. Now with the latest exposures involving Gotabaya, the country will soon also be tainted as a promoter and a hub of illegal arms marketing to terrorists internationally.

No matter what, sad to mention, it is the people of the country who will have to suffer the deadly and disastrous consequences, and pay for of all these unpardonable egregious sins committed by the satanic rulers .

Gota to be arrested under money laundering Act on charges of earning colossal sale of weapons to International terrorists

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