SriLankan handed over for cronies’ joyrides!

The Ranil-Maithri ‘Yaha Paalana’ regime has handed over the now fast-sinking SriLankan Airlines to a group of Ranil’s cronies in order to speed up its death, reports say.

Functioning under the finance ministry, the airline has Ranil’s classmate at Royal College Ajith Dias as the chairman, while the directors are Rakhitha Jayawardena, Mahinda Haridas and Neranjan Deva.

Most of these directors live in the air. Chairman Dias is a cricket enthusiast, and it is part of his daily routine to watch cricket matches. That is not confined only to matches involving Sri Lanka. Up to now, Ajith had to buy airtickets, spending from his own pocket. Now, his classmate, prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, has done him a big favour.

The other, Rakhitha Jayawardena, who lives in London, travels to Colombo at least once a week on business purposes.

Mahinda Haridas has business dealings between Sri Lanka and New Zealand, where he is based, and travels between the two countries weekly or biweekly.

Neranjan Deva is an MP of the European parliament. An original UNPer, he parachuted from Mahinda Rajapaksa’s bosom to ‘Yaha Paalanaya’ in the early hours of January 09th morning.

sl_airline_editedAs said before, they all live mostly in the air. Previosly, they had to pay the entire airfare. But now, courtesy their Royal college colleague, they now have to pay only 10 per cent of the fare. All of them are wealthy businessmen, and travel in the business class or first class. Their business brains are such that they now buy economic class tickets only, at a discount rate of 10 pc. Later, those tickets are upgraded to business class, citing priority. How’s that for some brains?

Kapila Chandrasena too, benefits, courtesy Ajith Dias!

SriLankan Airline’s CEO Kapila Chandrasena, who was to go home, has benefited courtesy his new chairman Ajith Dias. That has come through his brother-in-law, former Test cricketer Aravinda de Silva. Kapila is married to Usha, the younger sister of Aravinda’s wife Anusha.

Furthermore, Aravinda and Ajith are business partners. Their partnership is named LavAzza (Pvt.) Ltd, which is the local agent for Barista Coffe International. Aravinda owns a 70 per cent share of the business. Due to that business partnership, Kapila is safe under ‘Yaha Paalanaya.’ That security is further strengthened by civil aviation minister and former Test captain Arjuna Ranatunga.

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